November 16, 2018

Health Professions update

Welcome to the Thanksgiving week edition Health Professions listserv!  Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday.

  1. UNC Health Professions Advising
  2. New Feature: MCAT Available Appointment Notification Requests
  3. Redesigned Nursing Common Application Service (CAS) site
  4. Dental Education Association Webinar
  5. Check out
  6. SUNY Optometry Winter Open House and Tour Tuesdays
  7. Jefferson Pharmacy School – InterProfessional Education

  1. UNC Health Professions Advising

Lindsay Lang, a former Health Professions Peer Advisor has worked in health care since graduating from Carolina and is knowledgeable about a wide range of health professions, especially medicine and nursing.  She is can discuss volunteering and gap year opportunities as well as course selection and application considerations.

Come see her in G007/G008 Steele from 9:00am – 5:00pm on the following dates:

Wed, Nov 28, Wed, Dec5, Thurs, Dec 6, Wed, Dec 12, Thurs, Dec 13

Dr. Peter Gilligan can be contacted at  by juniors or seniors who are applying to med or PA school.  He will be available Nov 26-Dec 17 MWF between 4 and 6 PM by appointment only. Because he will be on clinical service, he will need to meet with students in his hospital office.

Dr. Janne Cannon, a former member of the admissions committee of the UNC School of Medicine, may be contacted by pre-med students (undergraduates or postbacs) seeking help with questions about academics, extracurricular and volunteer activities, ways to get experience with health care, and how to be ready to submit the strongest application possible when it comes time to apply for admission to medical school.  Dr. Cannon is not located in Chapel Hill, and will interact with students via email and phone.  Send her an email indicating your class, major, and questions you wish to discuss, at

Drs. Jean and Peter DeSaix will be holding hours on Tuesdays from 1-5pm in G007 and G008 on the Ground floor of Steele Building.  Peter will also hold hours on Wednesday from 1-5.  They are happy to meet with students interested in any health profession.

Dr. Tony Hilger, a long-time health professions advisor, will meet with students from 9:00am-4:30pm in Steele G007/G008. He is happy to meet with students interested in any health profession.

  1. New Feature: MCAT Available Appointment Notification Requests

We at the AAMC heard your feedback about the difficulty in finding MCAT exam sites when your preferred date and location are not available.  We are pleased to announce the MCAT Available Appointment Notification tool. This latest feature of our MCAT Registration System allows you to request an email notification should a seat become available for a particular MCAT exam date and location.

Students will be notified on a first-come, first-notified basis and will have a limited window of time to take action. Please note that when a student receives a notification email, they are not automatically guaranteed that seat as other examinees may have also been notified of the appointment’s availability. Each examinee will need to log into the system to confirm the available seat. All scheduling and rescheduling fees still apply.

To learn more about how the MCAT Available Appointment Notification Tool works, please visit the AAMC website.

  1. Redesigned Nursing Common Application Service (CAS) site

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is pleased to announce the launch of a newly redesigned NursingCAS website, www.nursingcas.orgwhich will simplify the application process to nursing schools nationwide. Similar to services in place for other health professions, NursingCAS offers students a convenient way to discover and apply to multiple nursing programs offered by more than 250 schools using a single online application.

  1. Dental Education Association Webinar

Wed, Nov 28 | 3:00pm | online

Did you know that dentistry offers professional opportunities beyond the dental chair? Join us, and discover your “Eureka!” moment. Attend our FREE webinar on Nov. 28 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time to hear from three dentists who opted to take their careers outside the dental office. Expand your knowledge of the dental professions, and learn about three exciting, diverse and rewarding career paths that might be a good fit for you!

  1. Check out strives to highlight the opportunities health careers offer and serve as your expert resource as you navigate your career path. With content authored by those already working in the field themselves, we’ll connect you to the knowledge you need to choose the right health career and apply and pay for school.  Together, we can make caring your career.

  1. SUNY Optometry Winter Open House and Tour Tuesdays

We are happy to announce that registration for our Winter Open House is now available.  Students also have the opportunity to tour our campus prior to Open House:

Winter Open House

Thurs, Jan 10 | 9:30am – 1:00pm | SUNY Optometry, NY, NY

Great opportunity to explore the profession by meeting faculty members, learning what it is like to be an optometry student by interacting with current students, and learning tips on how to build a competitive application. Register here

Tour Tuesdays 

Tues Nov 20 and Tues, Dec 18 | Noon – 1:00pm | SUNY Optometry, NY, NY

Excellent opportunity to tour our state of the art facilities, interact with current students, meet with an admissions representative, and enjoy an afternoon in the highly acclaimed Bryant Park. Register here.

Students are welcome to bring up to 2 guests for any of the events. Any questions should be directed to our General Admissions email at

  1. Jefferson Pharmacy School – InterProfessional Education

“During my first year, I teamed up with students from other healthcare professions in several interprofessional activities. I am confident that wherever I practice, I will have a great understanding of how to collaborate with a team to provide patient-centered care.” – Mirna Rezkalla, Student Pharmacist Class of 2019

Advantages of being a Jefferson pharmacy student include:

Interprofessional learning at the beginning and throughout the curriculum

Interaction with Jefferson Health pharmacists to maximize learning and skill development

JCP is a recognized leader in the provision of interprofessional education (IPE)

View our pharmacy licensing exam scores, postgraduate match rates and more: