April 7

The COVID-19 FAQs page has been updated to provide additional information from professional organizations and health professional schools regarding the impact of COVID-19 on admissions and upcoming application cycles.  Check it regularly as information continues to become available.

If you are interested in becoming a Physician Assistant, have questions about program options or admissions process changes due to COVID-19, please register and attend the Physician Assistant Virtual Fair today!

Most importantly, UNC-Chapel Hill has established a student care hub to support you, as you navigate the impact of these extraordinary circumstances.  The CV19 Student Care Hub is a place to learn more about financial resources, academic support, and health and wellness information, as well as a place to connect with those across the university that can help when needed.  The Carolina Student Impact Fund has also been established to provide emergency support for various expenses, such as housing, food, travel and technology to students who are unable to meet the unexpected financial burdens resulting from the effects of the novel coronavirus.

  1. Virtual Information Sessions
  2. Academic Support
  3. New support groups at CAPS
  4. Test Prep 
  5. Health and Humanities Journal staff – apply now!
  6. Apply to be ambassador for Office of Undergraduate Research
  7. Pulso Scholar Program
  8. Resources and Opportunities related to COVID-19

1. Virtual Information Sessions

April 7th (TODAY):  Physician Assistant Virtual Fair, 9am-9pm

April 9th:  Trinity School of Medicine, 2:00pm.  Visit Handshake to register and attend!

April 14th – 28thScribeAmerica Virtual Recruitment

April 15th:  The Road to Veterinary School webinar

April 21st:  Navigating the 2021 AMCAS Application Cycle for Applicants webinar

April 23rd:  Exploring Osteopathic Medicine, 12:15 – 5:00.  Register now

2.  Academic Support

Peer Tutoring at The Learning Center – drop-in or by appointment

Free appointment Peer Tutoring via Zoom from the Learning Center is available now! Make an appointment and a few minutes before it begins you’ll receive an email inviting you to a Zoom meeting with your tutor. Find out more about courses and times offered here.

Free drop-in Peer Tutoring via Zoom from the Learning Center is available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 pm EST. No appointment necessary – simply check here to determine which days a tutor is available for your course and learn how to meet with a tutor via Zoom!


One-on-one tutoring at The Math Help Center

Directions for Students Wanting Tutoring:

Use this google doc to sign up!  Follow directions below.


1) There are multiple tabs to represent each tutoring day
2) Pick a tutor and a time and copy and paste the reserved cell under the appointment column
3) Download Zoom if you have not: https://software.sites.unc.edu/zoom/
4) Click the Zoom link
5) This is one-on-one tutoring, so do not click the link if the tutor and time is reserved
6) If it is 11:10am and no one reserved the 11:00am slots, the tutors will still be there waiting, but you must reserve in case someone else tries to drop in
7) The reserved column will be cleared the following day

3.  New Support Groups at CAPS

CAPS or Counseling & Psychological Services: CAPS is currently offering two support groups: COVID-19 Support for Undergraduate Seniors and COVID-19 Support for any UNC student.


4.  Test Prep

Princeton Review’s Annual MCAT Week

The Princeton Review’s annual MCAT Week is now available! Starting April 13th, a daily webinar is offered, taught by national experts. The series begins on April 13th with an overview of the med school admissions process and continues the rest of the week with sessions focused on the subjects tested on the MCAT. Participants will also receive access to The Princeton Review’s Medical School Management Tool to organize and optimize applications and a free digital copy of our MCAT Review Guide. Full details can be found in the attached flyer or online here


Altius – Free Science and MCAT Tutoring

  • Altius will provide FREE tutoring to pre-medical students impacted by COVID-19.
  • Altius is temporarily moving to a non-profit pricing model to better serve students during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Altius is adjusting their refund and retake policies for students impacted by COVID-19.
  • Click here for more details

5.  Health and Humanities Journal staff – apply now!

Applications are now open for the Health Humanities Journal editorial staff for the 2020-2021 academic year!  If you are interested in literature, editing, narrative medicine, understanding the doctor/patient relationship, and more, we invite you to be a part of a student group making meaningful contributions to a cross-disciplinary field.  Open to all majors and classes!  We have open positions for editors and a marketing director.  Find more information in the form below.  Please submit your application by Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.  We look forward to hearing from you!


6.  Be an ambassador for OUR

Are you a current undergraduate student with experience finding creative answers to questions in your field? Do you enjoy talking about your creative work, entrepreneurship, or research? Are you interested in helping to support and expand the work of the Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR)? If so, apply to become an OUR Ambassador! Learn more and apply here. Please email bpleas@email.unc.edu if you have any questions.

7.  Pulso Scholar Program
The Carolina Latinx Center is accepting applications for the Pulso Scholars Program. Scholars participate in workshops, seminars, networking events and various hands-on opportunities aimed at providing academic, professional and cultural development, and overall preparation to apply to medical school or other health-related programs. Deadline: April 10Apply.

8.  Resources and Opportunities related to COVID-19​

Visit Carolina Center for Public Service for Resources and Opportunities Related to COVID-19.  

There are a lot of resources circulating online in relation to COVID-19 and how to respond. This link presents some of those resources, with two main goals:

1. To help you directly during this time of crisis, and
2. To enable you to be supportive of others.

We are providing information that is neither exclusive nor exhaustive. We are not endorsing any specific sites or agencies but rather providing them as a starting point for you to explore and investigate on their own.

All of the resources we provide below are organized by government agencies or nonprofits. We encourage you to look for private-organization opportunities as well.