Advising Appointment

Meet with a Health Professions Advisor

  1. Janne Cannon is a Professor Emerita in the Microbiology and Immunology Department of the UNC School of Medicine.  She served as a member of the UNC School of Medicine admissions committee for 15 years as both a faculty interviewer and full member of the committee.  Although retired from the committee, she continues to volunteer to advise aspiring health professionals at UNC. Dr. Cannon will advise current students and alumni interested in pursuing health professions; she meets with all advisees via Zoom. She may be contacted via email at

Please provide the following information when requesting an appointment with Dr. Cannon; she will not schedule an appointment with you until you have provided this information:

  • Name; academic status (first year, sophomore, etc.); major. When do you expect to graduate?  What is your career goal (physician, MD/PhD, dentist, PA, etc.)?  When do you expect to apply to medical school or other health professional school?
  • A copy of your resume that includes jobs you’ve had, volunteer/service activities (including approximate number of hours/week you spend at each one), and things you’ve done to get experience with clinical medicine or dentistry and caring for patients (also including number of hours/week).  If you don’t have all those activities included in a formal resume, a simple list format is fine.
  • If you applied previously for admission to medical school and were not admitted and you are planning to re-apply, send a copy of your previous AMCAS or AACOMAS application and an update on the things you’ve done since you submitted that application.
  • Unofficial transcript
  • The specific questions you wish to discuss.


  1. The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions is an organization of health professions advisors at colleges and universities throughout the United States.  NAAHP’s Find An Advisor advising service, which is free of charge, provides health professions advising for students and alumni who don’t otherwise have access to advising. The service can be especially helpful for reapplicants. Students receiving advising from Dr. Cannon or another advisor at UNC should not also contact the NAAHP to request advising.