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Per the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), Dentists lead teams to provide preventive and restorative care to keep people healthy, alleviate pain and treat patients’ oral health needs. They are at the forefront of research and developments in a wide range of innovative procedures to enhance dental and overall well-being. Dentists are instrumental in the early detection of oral cancers and systemic conditions that manifest in the mouth and that can affect the overall health of patients.

Dentistry is not a one size fits all career.


Most dental schools accept applications through the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service, AADSAS. This application should be submitted in the summer before your last year in college.


Most dental schools require the Dental Aptitude Test, DAT. The usual time to take it is in the spring semester of the Junior year. Students should prepare for this test because it has a section on perception of shapes. The DAT is the one item that can be used to compare applicants from different schools. The test is given at Sylvan Test Centers by appointment.


The requirements provided on this page represent the MINIMUM requirements of many dental schools. However, it is common for some schools to have additional requirements and it is therefore important that you visit the websites of those dental schools you hope to apply for admission to and check for any additional requirements. Most dental schools require AT LEAST a C in prerequisite coursework.

Admissions requirements for the UNC School of Dentistry


The basic courses required for entering into dental school are:

  • One year of Biology, Biol 101, 101L and Biol 252 or 474 plus lab
  • Two years of Chemistry (Chem 101, 102, 241, 261, and 262) plus labs
  • One year of Physics, Phys 114 and 115 or Phys 118 and 119

The UNC Dental School now requires Biochemistry, BIOL/CHEM 430. They do not require the organic chemistry labs nor the physics lab for admission, but it is best to take them because all other dental schools do require them.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurriculars are a very important part of the applicant’s materials. Most dental schools place emphasis on volunteer community service. Some volunteer experience in a dental setting is a must. A recommendation from a dentist is a plus. UNC has a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, AED, an honorary pre-professional society with many service opportunities. UNC also has an active pre-dental honor society, Delta Delta Sigma, DDS.

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