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Financial Planning Resources

Financial Planning Resources


Many schools offer both need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships to students. To be eligible for a need-based scholarship, you will have to fill out a FAFSA form. Be sure to ask schools about any scholarships, grants, or tuition assistance programs that may be offered to accepted students.

In addition to school-sponsored scholarships, you’ll find many scholarships that are offered by third parties (i.e., organizations unaffiliated with a specific school or educational program).

Dentistry Scholarships

Medical School Scholarships

Nursing Scholarships

Occupational and Physical Therapy Scholarships

Ophthalmology Scholarships

Pharmacy School Scholarships

Public Health Scholarships

Speech, Language, and Hearing Scholarships

Veterinary School Scholarships

Additional Resources for scholarships in various health-related fields:

Please note that none of the scholarships listed above are sponsored by UNC. These links go to third-party websites and are managed by other parties — some scholarships listed on these sites might not be operational anymore. If you are asked to submit personal information for a scholarship, always research the organization offering the scholarship to ensure that it is a legitimate program.

Other Financial Planning Resources

Resources for Funding and Financial Support – University Career Services

This website provides information on various UNC funding and non-UNC funding opportunities for students.

AAMC Fee Assistance Program

This program offers reduced registration fees for the MCAT, financial assistance for an updated psycho-educational or medical re-evaluation (if necessary for your application), free/reduced MCAT exam prep materials, free access to the Medical School Admission Requirements website, and a waiver for all AMCAS fees (up to 16 medical school designations). See if you are eligible for the program here.

AAMC Database: Loan Repayment/Forgiveness/Scholarship and Other Programs

This is a searchable database for state and federal loan assistance programs.

Managing Your Finances During Medical School 

The website from AAMC provides information on money management during medical school.